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The Firm was established by in the year 2000. In the beginning, the Firm was involved in general litigation, foreign investments, intellectual property law, labor law and commercial law, and then expanded its services to a wide range of areas such as banking law, financial law, aviation law, transportation law, real estate transactions, international legal affairs and M&A projects.

Keegan Solicitors is leading the Firm with his experience of more than 40 years and his passion for his work from the very first day of the Firm.

The Firm has a broad range of clientele, including aircraft lessees, lessors, aircraft maintenance and repair stations, traders, freight forwarders, motorboat and yacht sellers, underwriters, reinsurers, insurance brokers, banks and finance institutions. The clients are based in Turkey and as well as outside Turkey.

The Firm has strong links with many international law firms and is able to offer its local clients legal assistance in foreign jurisdictions.

English, French, German and Dutch are fluently spoken in the Firm. The Firm operates on a 24-hour a day basis.

The aim of the Firm is to provide efficient and teamwork oriented legal services in accordance with ethical and international standards.



Providing Experienced and Compassionate Legal Counsel for Clients from all over the globe.

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